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Anti-government chants ring out on anniversary of Ethiopian festival deaths

Hundreds of people chanting anti-government slogans marched in the central Ethiopian town of Bishoftu on Sunday at a religious festival where a stampede triggered by a police move to quell protests killed dozens of people last year…Read more: (

Ethiopian festival turns into anti-government protest

An Ethiopian festival on Sunday turned into a massive anti-government protest for the second year in a row…Read more: (

Death of the Nile: Egypt fears Ethiopian dam will cut into its water supply

The only reason Egypt has even existed from ancient times until today is because of the Nile River, which provides a thin, richly fertile stretch of green through the desert. Now, for the first time, the country fears a potential threat to that lifeline, and it seems to have no idea what to do about it…Read more: (

Ethiopian Airlines goes fully digital

Flying even more greener; Ethiopian Airlines Group, the largest airline in Africa, is pleased to announce that it has fully digitalized all its business processes like aircraft maintenance and Flight Operations, Commercial Operations, Finance, HRM, Customer Services, Procurement and supply Chain Management, Online learning, management approvals and authorizations etc… by removing paper from the entire system as of, September 28, 2017…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Is Safaricom Entering the Ethiopian Market?

Safaricom has denied reports of the company entering into the Ethiopian market…Read more: (

Irreechaa – Oromo-festival – 1 okt

Als de regentijd voorbij is, komen tienduizenden Oromo’s bij elkaar voor Irreechaa, een festival dat het einde van de winter en het begin van de lente viert.

In de plaats Bishoftu, (Debre Zeit), betekenis in de Oromo taal ‘het land vol water’, ongeveer 45 kilometer ten zuiden van de hoofdstad Addis Ababa wordt het gevierd. Men gaat zingend en dansend in optocht naar Lake Hora Arsadij waar de ceremonie plaatsvindt. Aan de oevers wordt ritueel, met gebruik van het water, de zegen aan de pelgrims gegeven. Het water brengt hen dichter bij God, bekend als Waaqa. Het festival wordt ieder jaar gehouden, het is het symbool van de dageraad van een nieuw seizoen, een nieuw begin, een tijd van oogsten en een tijd van overgang van donker naar licht. De bevolkingsgroep neemt deze dag zeer serieus; ze hebben naast het christendom of de islam hun traditionele geloof behouden. Oromo’s uit alle hoeken van het land nemen dan ook deel.

Vele generaties hebben dit ritueel doorgegeven ondanks dat door vorige regimes tientallen jaren verboden was. Men was bang dat het een forum zou worden waar de Oromo’s hun eventuele, afwijkende mening konden vormen. Ook dit jaar wordt het onder zware beveiliging gevierd.

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Ethiopians gather for religious festival marred by bloodshed

A year ago Firommisa Darasa barely made it out of Ethiopia’s Irreecha festival alive, managing to escape from a deep ditch where dozens perished…Read more: (

What’s Driving Clashes Between Ethiopia’s Somali, Oromia Regions?

Somaliland, a semi-autonomous region in the Horn of Africa, has displaced thousands of ethnic Oromos, according to Negeri Lencho, Ethiopia’s information minister…Read more: (

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Ethiopia to start storing water from Grand Renaissance Dam

Ethiopia will start storing water from the Grand Renaissance Dam in a reservoir next year, Egypt’s water resources and irrigation minister Mohamed Abdel-Ati said today according to the state-run Middle East News Agency (MENA)…Read more: (

Ethiopia enjoying positive investor sentiments but reforms needed – IMF

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has praised Ethiopia’s economic strides for the year 2016/2017 but has also urged that reforms be undertaken to improve the business climate…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Floods Leave Thousands Homeless in Ethiopia

EXTENSIVE flooding has displaced more than 93 000 people in crisis-torn Ethiopia. The Ambeira zone in Afar region, special zones surrounding the capital Addis Ababa , Jima, South-east Shewa and South-west Shewa in the Oromia region have been worst affected by the incessant rains…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Flooding displaces 93,000 people

More than 93,000 people have reportedly been displaced by flooding in areas in Afar, Jima, South-East and South-West Shewa as well as in zones surrounding the capital Addis Ababa, according to a report by Centre for African Journalists (CAJ)…Read more: (

Aba Geda verbiedt ambtenaren bij Irreecha van dit jaar

De Raad van Aba Gedas, de culturele en religieuze leiders van de Oromos, heeft verboden regeringsambtenaren van het toespraak van dit jaar’s Irreecha festival te brengen, omdat het plaatsvindt op zondag 1 oktober 2017, volgens een rapport van de BBC Amharic…Read more: (




Kleurrijke Hamar met tandenborstel in de mond. Het stokje afkomstig van een speciale boom/struik wordt met enige regelmaat heen en weer bewogen, om zo te tanden te reinigen.

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Govt approves signing agreement with Ethiopia in media field

The agreement would provide an opportunity to both the nations to share best practices and innovations in the field of information, communication and media, an official release said…Read more: (

Ethiopia bans weapons at Irrecha festival

Ethiopia has banned weapons at the upcoming Irrecha religious festival in order to avoid the violence that killed several dozen people last year. The statement from the restive Oromia region comes ahead of the October 1 thanksgiving gathering…Read more: (

Floods leave thousands homeless in Ethiopia

EXTENSIVE flooding has displaced more than 93 000 people in crisis-torn Ethiopia. The Ambeira zone in Afar region, special zones surrounding the capital  Addis Ababa , Jima, South-east Shewa and South-west Shewa in the Oromia region have been worst affected by the incessant rains…Read more: (

Eritrea warns UN: Ethiopian ‘occupation’ of border region threatens security in Horn of Africa

The Eritrean government has warned the UNited Nations that Ethiopia’s ongoing encroachment into Eritrean land is a threat to security in the Horn of Africa…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Road density, electricity concentrated in Tigray showing spatial inequalities in dev’t: World Bank study

Overarching policy solutions are needed to address spatial inequalities in development in Ethiopia, according to a study conducted by World Bank experts…Read more: (

Ethiopian regime says hundreds killed, thousands displaced in ethnic clashes

Ethiopian regime officials confirmed reports of the killing of hundreds of people in ethnic clashes in the Eastern parts of the country while close observers of the crises blame security forces of the regime for having a hand in the death and displacement of ethnic Oromos and Somali…Read more: (

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Ethiopia must let Somalia determine its own fate

Somalia will not be able to assert itself and prosper until Ethiopia stops meddling in its affairs. Western nations also need to reevaluate their support of the Ethiopian regime if they ever want to see peace in the Horn of Africa…Read more: (

IMF Staff Completes 2017 Article IV Visit to The Federal Republic of Ethiopia

End-of-Mission press releases include statements of IMF staff teams that convey preliminary findings after a visit to a country. The views expressed in this statement are those of the IMF staff and do not necessarily represent the views of the IMF’s Executive Board…Read more: (

Ethiopia’s occupation of Eritrea, threat to Horn of Africa: U.N. told

The Eritrean government is accusing its neighbours, Ethiopia, of threatening the peace of the Horn of Africa region with its continued occupation of their sovereign territory…Read more: (

Ethiopia to devalue currency

Ethiopia is to devalue its currency in a bid to cope with the serious foreign currency crunch it has faced and in attempt to cover a billion dollar loan payment due this years, according to information obtained by ESAT…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Corruption suspects left country

Four suspects of corruption who own construction business and allegedly stole millions of dollars have left the country…Read more: (

Ethiopian wins Right Livelihood Award

An Ethiopian, Yetnebersh Nigussie, has become one of the laureates of this year’s Right Livelihood Award, widely known as the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize.’…Read more: (

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Ethiopia: Security forces shot and injure several people in Debre Tabor

Several residents of Debre Tabor in Gondar who protested the detention of a church leader were shot and injured as security forces opened fire at an impromptu protest rally…Read more: (

‘Hundreds’ dead in Ethiopia ethnic clashes

Clashes that erupted in Ethiopia this month between two of the country’s largest ethnic groups have killed hundreds of people and displaced thousands, the government said Monday…Read more: (

Ethiopia Says Somaliland Displaced Thousands of Oromo People

Ethiopia accused a semi-autonomous territory in neighboring Somalia of illegally displacing more than 3,000 long-term Oromo residents in the wake of clashes on the boundary between two of Ethiopia’s regional states…Read more: (

Chinese government warns companies on Ethiopian labour abuse

The Chinese embassy in Ethiopia has summoned Chinese companies operating in the country to warn them about their treatment of workers…Read more: (

Ethiopian Airlines working on several more African JV airlines

African Star Alliance member Ethiopian Airlines is working to establish regional hubs in Chad, Mozambique, Nigeria and Zambia, with several joint venture (JV) airlines in the pipeline…Read more: (atwonline.con)

Ethiopia: “If people don’t understand what we do, they will never come to our health centres

Anthropologist Roberto Wright is working in Ethiopia’s Somali region to help MSF reach and be accepted by local communities…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Somali-American lawmaker calls for end to ethnic clashes

A Somali-American lawmaker from Minnesota called for an end to ethnic clashes in eastern Ethiopia that claimed the lives of scores of people and the displacement of tens of thousands…Read more: (

Maskal, feest van vreugde en bezieling!


Maskal of Meskel wordt gevierd op 27 september. Het is een feest van vreugde en bezieling, een mengeling van folklore en religie.


Tijdens het Maskal-feest wordt herdacht dat de heilige Helena tijdens haar bedevaart naar Jeruzalem het ware kruis van Jezus terugvond. Overal in het land wordt na zonsondergang de zogenaamde Maskal-bundels, droge houtbossen, ontstoken zodat er grote vreugdevuren ontstaan. Er wordt gezongen en gedanst. Als het vuur uitgebrand is, proberen de aanwezigen iets van het overgebleven as te bemachtigen waaraan zij genezende krachten toeschrijven.

De bevolking viert ook het einde van de regentijd, die voorspoed en overdadige oogsten zou moeten brengen, dus nieuwe levenskansen.


           Heilige Helena.               Bron: Joachim Schafer – Oecumenische Heilige lexicon

Het godsdienstige facet van de viering heeft plaats gevonden tijdens de pelgrimstocht van koningin Helena, moeder van de eerste Christen-keizer van Rome, Constantijn de Eerste. Hij had haar in 326 na Christus op bedevaart gestuurd naar het Heilige Land. Daar bezocht ze alle heilige plaatsen, o.a. de berg Golgotha, waar de Verlosser was gekruisigd. Het bewuste kruis was op deze berg begraven, maar niemand had het ooit kunnen vinden. Helena liet op de berg een vuur ontsteken voor de bisschoppen, die ook naar Jeruzalem waren afgereisd. Ze deed dit om de Verlossing door te kunnen geven en te vieren. De rook trok in eerste instantie recht omhoog maar sloeg daarna in een grote boog terug naar de aarde. Op de plek waar de rookpluim de aarde raakte, bleek, volgens de legende, het kruis van Golgotha begraven te zijn. Het kruis werd in stukken verdeeld over de grote patriarchaten van het christendom in die tijd: Rome, Constantinopel, Antiochië en Alexandrië. Het kruisdeel van Alexandrië kwam volgens de legende, opgetekend in het heilige boek, in de Middeleeuwen naar Ethiopië. De Ethiopische keizer Dawit 1 was in 1381 met een groot leger zijn Egyptische geloofsgenoten te hulp gekomen tijdens hun vervolging door de moslims. Daardoor kwam de gevangen genomen patriarch van Alexandrië weer vrij en als dank mocht Dawit goud, zilver en vele duizenden geldstukken incasseren maar David wilde het deel van het heilige Kruis als dank, dat hij uiteindelijk ook kreeg en met veel triomf naar Ethiopië bracht. Het wordt nog steeds bewaard op een berg in de kloosterkerk Gishen Mariam, die op last van Dawits vierde zoon Zar’Yacob werd gebouwd.


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Ethiopia bans weapons at upcoming religious gathering

Ethiopia has banned weapons at the upcoming Irrecha religious festival in order to avoid the violence that killed several dozen people last year. The statement from the restive Oromia region comes ahead of the October 1 thanksgiving gathering…Read more: (

Egypt announces failure of talks over Ethiopian dam

An Egyptian government source has announced the failure of the talks about Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam, reported on Sunday. The anonymous source said that Cairo is currently studying diplomatic and political moves to maintain its rights to water from the River Nile as guaranteed by international law…Read more: (

No time for scepticism, ‘decisive climate action’ needed, Ethiopia tells UN

Like many other countries, Ethiopia is dealing almost every day with the adverse impacts of climate change, its Prime Minister told the United Nations General Assembly today, urging decisive action by the international community…Read more: (

Horn of Africa: Humanitarian Impacts of Drought – Issue 10 (22 September 2017)

There are currently 2.6 million people displaced by drought and conflict in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya:..Read more: (reliefweb)

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Ethiopian artists create art from animal bones and bags

Two artists in Ethiopia are hoping to protect the environment by turning rubbish into art…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Embezzlement of funds at Bill and Melinda Foundation agricultural project

The Agricultural Transformation Agency, funded by the Bill and Melinda Foundation is tainted with misappropriation of funds and that nothing has been done to lift off the project even after six years, according to ESAT sources…Read more: (

Political parties denounce killing of Oromo, Somali in Eastern Ethiopia

Opposition political parties denounced the loss of lives in Eastern Ethiopia in recent clashes which they say was the work of the TPLF regime. They say in a statement issued today that the solution to Ethiopia’s crises is to remove the brutal regime once and for all…Read more: (

Number of South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia since September 2016 top 100,000

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Thursday that the number of refugees who had fled renewed conflict in South Sudan since September 2016 topped 100,000…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Conference on building democratic institution kicks off in DC; H. Res. 128 to be presented before U.S. Congress for vote

 A two day conference on “building democratic institutions in Ethiopia” kicked off today in Washington, DC where scholars from a spectrum of professions will discuss on study papers on issues such as U.S. policy towards the Horn of Africa, the role of Diaspora in building democracy in Ethiopia as well as corruption, public trust and economic development among others…Read more: (

Indian floriculture demands compensation from Ethiopia

An Indian floriculture demanded compensation from the Ethiopian government for a series of failed land deals as it prepares to exit the Horn of Africa nation, Bloomberg News reported on Thursday…Read more: (