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Ethiopia: Border clash leaves 15 injured

A border clash between the Afar and Amhara last week in Hadar, 15 kms from Bati, left at least 15 people injured from both sides, according to ESAT’s sources…Read more: (

KEFI Minerals, Ethiopian Government create company to own Tulu Kapi gold mine

KEFI Minerals and the Government of Ethiopia have formalized the structure for the company that will develop the Tulu Kapi gold mine in the country…Read more: (

Feyisa Lilesa: Oromo people are still suffering in Ethiopia and the world must do more to help them

Ethiopian Olympic silver medallist Feyisa Lilesa is calling on the international community to do more to stop the alleged persecution of Oromo people…Read more: (

Ethiopia: US Embassy Unhappy With Ethiopian Airlines Staff, Spouses Over Medical Bill

The US Embassy in Addis Abeba is not happy with employees or spouses of the Ethiopian Airlines who travel to the United States, give birth while on visitors’ visa and return home with outstanding hospital bills…Read

Singer Teddy Afro’s New Album Holds Fast to His Vision of a Diverse, Yet United Ethiopia

Ethiopian singer Tewodros Kassahun’s most anticipated and highly promoted studio album was released to great fanfare at the beginning of May, 2017…Read more: (

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Sudan and Ethiopia on alert for Egyptian military strike

Sudanese and Ethiopian forces operating on the border between the two countries are in place to prepare for any offensive that Egypt might launch against Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam on the River Nile, intelligence and security sources in Khartoum have revealed to MEMO…Read more: (

US doesn’t need Ethiopia in its war on terror in the Horn of Africa

Earlier this month, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis visited the Middle East and Africa to “reaffirm key U.S. military alliances” and engage with strategic partners.” Mattis only visited the tiny nation of Djibouti in the Horn of Africa where the U.S. maintains its largest military base. Ethiopia was conspicuously absent from the “strategic partner” lineup…Read more: (

UN migration agency transports hundreds of South Sudanese refugees from border into Ethiopia

5 May 2017 – The United Nations migration agency has begun transferring South Sudanese refugees from Ethiopia’s Pagak border entry point in Gambella to the Gore-Shembola refugee camp in Benishangul Gumuz Regional States – approximately 835 kilometres away…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Court to rule on Dr. Merera’s objection in June

A court in Addis Ababa has been adjourned till june 2, 2017 to pass verdict on Dr. Merera Gudina’s objection to charges of terrorism brought by regime prosecutors…Read more: (

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Ethiopia: Clan fight left 23 dead in Afar

Twenty-three Afaris and two soldiers were killed in a two-day long deadly fight between two clans in Afar…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Red Cross delivering hay to prevent cattle deaths

The hay is being delivered to 1,820 pastoral families displaced by intercommunal clashes in Mieso district, in Hararge in eastern Ethiopia. The 43,000 bales will help those families sustain their cattle during a difficult dry period…Read more: (

In Ethiopia, UN rights chief urges authorities for greater freedoms; space for critical voices

Speaking to the press during his mission to Ethiopia, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights today highlighted the need for greater and freer civic space, with “broader latitude for the contributions of critical or dissenting views” to decision-making in the country…Read more:(

Ethiopia: Regime rejects repeated calls for independent investigation into killings

U.N. Human Rights Chief said on Thursday that Ethiopian authorities have rejected persistent calls for an independent investigation into the killing of protesters in two years of deadly violence…Read more: (


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Gondar: Three regime soldiers killed in ambush

Reports reaching from Gondar say at least three soldiers were killed on Tuesday as their convoy came under attack in Addis Zemen near Metmiku Yohannes Monastery…Read more: (

Ethiopians don’t have to pay for church they didn’t destroy

Three Ethiopians do not now have to pay compensation for a church which, in January, they were acquitted of charges of destroying…Read more(

Moving Away from Humanitarian Appeals to Managing Droughts in Ethiopia

Across the vast, flat plains of southeastern Ethiopia, you can see plumes of dust whirling around like mini tornados. Local people say they signal the onset of rain but, so far, in many places the rain has failed to come…Read more: (

Ethiopia’s Bloggers Face Detention, Restrictions 

Ethiopia’s state of emergency has seen thousands of people detained, allegedly in connection with the unrest last year in the Oromia region. Those arrested have included journalists and bloggers. VOA sat down with three of them in Addis Ababa ahead of World Press Freedom Day (May 3)Read more: (

Ethiopia: Germany’s Foreign Minister calls for lifting of martial law

Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister of Germany on Tuesday called on the Ethiopian regime to lift the state of emergency declared in October 2016 following a two year anti-government protests that left hundreds of people dead in the hands of security forc…Read more: (

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Ethiopia: Grenade attack kills two at a concert in Bahir Dar

Two persons were killed and several others, including three police officer, were injured in Bahir Dar when a grenade exploded near the entrance to a concert hall on Saturday…Read more: (

Ethiopia is facing a killer drought. But it’s going almost unnoticed.

The announcement by the United Nations in March that 20 million people in four countries were teetering on the edge of famine stunned the world and rammed home the breadth of the humanitarian crisis faced by so many in 2017…Read more: (

Al Shabaab ambushes Ethiopian troops

Al Shabaab fighters ambushed a convoy of Ethiopian troops serving the UN-mandated African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) in Lower Shabelle region on Monday, according to a report by Shabelle News…Read more: (

Ethiopia: UNPO calls gov’t rights commission partial

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) said the report by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission regarding the deadly anti-government protests in the country misrepresents the number of deaths due to state-sponsored violence and considers the measures taken by security forces as mostly proportionate and appropriate…Read more: (

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Ethiopia: Bomb attack in Bahir Dar kills one

There was yet another bomb attack in Bahir Dar on Thursday night killing one person and injuring four others, in a string of grenade attacks in the Amhara region in recent weeks…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Number of people needing food aid reaches 7.7 mil.

The number of people affected by the severe drought in Ethiopia has reached 7.7 million, according to the country’s Disaster Risk Management Commission…Read more: (

Kenya, Ethiopia Using Excessive Force Against Somali Civilians

Kenya and Ethiopia have used excessive force against Somali civilians amid efforts to halt cross-border attacks by al-Shabab, according to an internal report by aid agencies working in Somalia…Read more: (



Op een bepaalde plaats op de weg  Asayita/Semara wachten bavianen op passerende vrachtauto’s. In de loop der jaren is de gewoonte ontstaan dat chauffeurs iets te eten uit het raam gooien.


De buit was dit keer niet zo royaal


Tja…dus wachten op de volgende vrachtwagen!


Wat is dit in vredesnaam!


Van jullie hoef ik al helemaal niets te verwachten!!


Een nieuwe chauffeur, hij moet nog leren dat hij hier iets te eten moet achterlaten.

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US issues warning after Ethiopia grenade attacks

The United States issued a warning Thursday to its citizens about travelling to a popular tourist region in Ethiopia after a string of grenade attacks targeting hotels and homes…Read more: (

Ethiopia should export pork not donkeys

Ethiopia’s rulers, under pressure from the public, recently ordered the slaughterhouse for donkeys in Bishoftu be closed. The meat was to be exported to Vietnam and the skin to China…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Officials arrested for exposing drought, cholera in Somali region

Regime security forces have arrested two former officials of the Somali region of Ethiopia for exposing the drought and the cholera outbreak that is ravaging the region…Read more: (

Gummare meer/Asayita

Gummare lake,

Het Gummare meer is een van de meren waar de rivier de Awash zijn water achterlaat voordat hij volledig verdwijnt in het woestijnzand.


Een eenzame dromedaris  aan het meer


Er heerst een bijzondere sfeer; ongerept, doodstil/alleen natuurgeluiden, dood lijkende bomen, veel vogels en enorm veel krokodillen zelfs een kolonie bavianen liet zich zien. Daarnaast in onze nabijheid een politieman en een gids (verplicht) beiden met een kalasjnikov aan de schouder.

Gumare lake..

Ontelbare krokodillen wachten op een lekker hapje


Vele vogels o.a. de prachtige vogel Mycteria ibis /Afrikaanse nimmerzat. Een waadvogel uit de familie van de ooievaars


Even in de zon om vervolgens weer snel in het water te verdwijnen

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Yum to open 10 Ethiopian Pizza Huts in African expansion

U.S. fast-food giant Yum Brands Inc. has signed a deal with Ethiopia’s Belayab Foods and Franchise PLC to open 10 Pizza Hut restaurants in the Horn of Africa country as part of an expansion on the continent…Read more: (

KEFI Minerals and Ethiopian govt start the process to resettle the people living around the company’s project site

Consultations are taking place at a national, regional and local level which would allow the construction of the mine to begin in the second half…Read more: (

A bomb attack hit a lodge in Gondar

A bomb was thrown at the Lodge du Château in the city of Gondar Monday night injuring five people…Read more: (

Eskinder Nega named world press freedom hero

Eskinder Nega, journalist par excellence and blogger, imprisoned by the Ethiopian regime for criticizing the country’s anti-terrorism law, has been named world press freedom hero by the International Press Institute…Read more: (



Asayita, een stadje gelegen in de Afar-regio, ligt aan de oever van de Awash.  Het is een eenvoudige, ongerepte plaats. Voor 2007 was het de hoofdstad van het Afar-gebied. Semera heeft deze functie overgenomen. 

De streek is schitterend. Van hieruit zijn de meren te bezoeken waar de Awash zijn water achterlaat voordat hij in het woestijnzand verdwijnt.


Onze slaapplaats in Asayita


Buiten slapen kan ook!


Douche en toilet, zien er redelijk uit zolang je buiten het gebouwtje blijft!!!

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Ethiopia enters its seventh month of emergency rule

THE three-hour bus-ride to Ambo from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, offers a glimpse into the country’s future…Read more: (

Ethiopian state considers restricting ‘Christian activity’ to church buildings

Ethiopia’s northern Tigray State is considering adopting a new law that would restrict Christian activities to within official church compounds, rendering illegal the activities of smaller churches that do not own their own buildings and gather in houses…Read more: (

Ethiopian dam creates waves

By years’ end, one of the world’s largest dams will begin filling up, affecting the fate of millions of people as it does so…Read more: (

Ethiopia: Thousands hit by outbreak of acute watery diarrhoea during worst drought for decades

An important outbreak of acute watery diarrhoea is sweeping through Doolo zone, in Ethiopia’s Somali region, exacerbated by one of the worst droughts in 30 years…Read more:(