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Ethiopië is het land dat, als je het eenmaal hebt bezocht en dus geroken, geproefd en gevoeld hebt, je nooit meer vergeet. Er blijft altijd een vaag verlangen naar.

Leuk dat je mijn weblog bezoekt. Je vindt hier allerlei informatie over het mooie en interessante land Ethiopië. Naast persoonlijke ervaringen zullen feiten, beschrijvingen van bevolking en cultuur, achterliggende geschiedenis en legenden, tips, nieuws en nog veel meer passeren. Kortom, je kunt op een ontspannen manier veel te weten komen over ‘Het land van de verbrande gezichten’.

Een reactie of like kun je kwijt via het wolkje rechtsboven foto/ berichtje!

Veel lees en kijkplezier – Ine Andreoli

Ethiopian PM Urges International Community To Return Looted Heritage Objects

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has urged the international community to help return heritage objects looted from Ethiopia during previous foreign invasions…Read more: (bernama.com)

Kazakhstan provides humanitarian aid to Ethiopia due to drought

Kazakhstan has provided humanitarian aid to Ethiopia due to drought, reports the Ministry of Foreign Affairs…Read more: (kaztag.kz)

Discontent grows louder in Ethiopia as regime fights for survival

Angered by the arrest of Merera Gudina, his party leader, hours earlier for allegedly “making contact with terrorist groups”, a senior figure in Ethiopia’s opposition said he was willing to commit a crime under the country’s strict state of emergency laws by criticising the ruling party…Read more: (nazret.com)

Ethiopia news

Ethiopia partially restores mobile internet after 2 month shutdown

Ethiopia has restored mobile Internet services after the service was blocked over two months. The blockage was connected with anti-government protests that broke out largely in the Amhara and Oromia regions…Read more: (africanews.com)


Ethiopia news

U.S. accuses gov’t of using martial law to silence dissent

The United States says the Ethiopian regime is using the martial law it declared in October to silence dissent…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Ethiopia: FAO warns new imminent drought in southern regions

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warns that new drought is imminent in the southeastern regions of Ethiopia…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Commission to Ethiopia: ‘start addressing legitimate grievances of your people’

The European Commission issued a stinging rebuke to one of its lead partners on the African continent today (2 December), telling the Ethiopian government to “start addressing the legitimate grievances of the Ethiopian people”…Read more: (euractiv.com)

South Sudan accuses Ethiopia and Sudan of complicity in Machar isolation

South Sudanese First Vice president Taban Deng Gai says governments of Ethiopia and Sudan agree with South Sudan to ban rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar from traveling in East African region, suggesting that Khartoum and Addis Ababa agreed to Juba’s request to isolate the armed opposition leader from their countries…Read more: (southsudannewsagency.com) 

Ethiopia defends detention of opposition leader

A prominent Ethiopian opposition leader has been incarcerated for “violating the provisions of the state of emergency” and the matter will be “handled accordingly,” a government official said Friday…Read more: (aa.com.tr)

An Ethiopian photographer captures the hope and resolve inside the country’s oldest university

For millions of Ethiopians, access to higher education is a luxury they can only dream to attain. But over the last decade, as the country experienced an economic boom, it also underwent a rapid expansion in educational infrastructure…Read more: (qz.com)

Bale Mountain Lodge, Ethiopia

Calling all wolf lovers. There are only 250 of them living in the highest Afro-Alpine mountain areas of Ethiopia. A place where, incidentally, I now live, too. They are graceful, red, lithe-limbed animals who hunt during the day for the endemic rodents on the beautiful Sanetti Plateau, in the heart of Bale Mountains National Park in south-east Ethiopia. And 60 per cent of them live on my doorstep…Read more: (harpersbazaar.co.uk)

Ethiopia news

Ethiopia’s Merera Gudina detained after trip to Europe

A prominent opposition leader in Ethiopia has been detained after he returned from Europe. Merera Gudina had violated Ethiopia’s state of emergency by having contact with “terrorist” and “anti-peace” groups, state-linked media reported…Read more: (bbc.com)

Ethiopia: 15 Ginbot 7 members killed in foiled ‘Eritrea-backed’ terror attack

Ethiopian security forces claim to have killed dozens of “Eritrean mercenaries” as they foiled a planned terror attack allegedly backed by neighbouring Eritrea. The Ethiopian Ministry of Defense said members of the Ginbot 7 opposition movement – which Ethiopia classified as a terrorist organisation – tried to deploy dozens of its armed fighters into Ethiopia…Read more: (ibtimes.co.uk)

Ethiopia news

[Ethiopia] Heineken Ethiopia’s expansion set to make it largest beer producing company

Heineken Ethiopia has rolled out an expansion project for its Qilinto brewery on the outskirts of Addis Ababa at a cost of $112 million as it seeks to boost production and efficiency…Read more: (africabusinesscommunities.com)

Close to 90,000 Ethiopians crossed the Gulf of Aden this year

The UN refugee agency said close to 90,000 Ethiopians crossed the Gulf of Aden this year and reached war torn Yemen…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Investors complain of loss as govt repossess lands

Over one hundred investors who leased huge tracts of land in Gambella, western Ethiopia, have vented their anger at a government minister after their land, on which they said had invested in millions, had been repossessed by the government…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Coalition renewed vow to struggle for democratic Ethiopia

Leaders of the recently established political coalition held a public meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, on Sunday where they renewed their commitment to work for the formation of an all inclusive democratic system in Ethiopia…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Ethiopia: Reports of more arrests in the Oromo region

Security forces detained forty-six students in one week after university students resumed protests in the Oromo region of Ethiopia…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Family of Andargachew Tsige to deliver petition to British PM

The family of Andargachew Tsige will deliver a 24,000-strong petition to the Downing Street, calling on the Prime Minister to seek his return from Ethiopia…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Israeli Rabbi Uses Ethiopians, Sudanese as Guinea Pigs for Circumcision Training, Report Shows

Inexperienced students of circumcision have been practicing their skills on the babies of the poorest of Israeli society – Ethiopian and Sudanese families – often claiming to be fully-qualified mohels (Jewish ritual circumcisers,) according to a new investigation…Read more: (haaretz.com)

Bagir Ships First International Order From Ethiopia To US For H&M

LONDON (Alliance News) – Bagir Group Ltd on Tuesday said it has completed its first international order from its manufacturing site in Ethiopia, with more orders currently in production.The tailor said its first order was from high-street retailer H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB and was for tailored trousers…Read more: (Ise.co.uk) 


Wondo Genet

Wondo Genet ligt op een beboste heuvel, ongeveer 16 km zuidoost van Shashamene. De aanwezige warmwaterbronnen zorgen voor water in het zwembad en …warme douches. Er kan gewandeld worden. Het gebied is rijk aan vogels. Franje apen, bavianen en een enkele antiloop kunnen worden gespot. Het aanwezige hotel (ooit gebouwd voor Haile Selassie) heeft eenvoudige kamers.  Foto’s:©Lou Andreoli

Ethiopia: Reinvigorating Tourism

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, while briefing about its first quarter budget year performance, announced that it has revised its plan regarding the number of visitors expected to come to Ethiopia. The revised plan has embraced one million visitors compared to the previous 1.5 million (due to the recent unrest that hindered smooth flow of tourism)…Read more: (allafrica.com)

Ethiopia promises to support Somalia for peaceful polls

Addis Ababa – As the presidential election in Somalia approaches, the Ethiopian government has promised support assuring peaceful elections…Read more: (iol.co.za)

Ethiopian govt values concerns of protesters and is working to meet their demands – envoy

Ethiopia is one of the world’s fastest growing economies, having registered double digit economic growth for the last thirteen years. But this growth has also spiked expectations and created a demanding society. From the outside looking in, recent media reports have painted Ethiopia as a country on fire, owing to unprecedented protests in Oromia and Amhara regional states; these have resulted in causalities and arrests by state agencies. Several theories have been fronted to explain their origin but what is the government’s version of the story?..Read more: (newtimes.co.rw)

Ethiopia: What is the Ultimate Goal of the Oromo Movement?

For keen observers of the current Ethiopian politics, especially the writings, media interviews, and social media comments and posts by Oromo elites and activists, one topic has kept receiving a steady focus more than others:..Read more: (nazret.com)

Ethiopia: Modjo Port Expansion Sees Delay

A project worth over 1.4 billion Br for the expansion of dry port at Modjo has been stalled for over a year due to the contractor’s difficulty in replacing its paving block machine at the cost of 2 million Br…Read more: (allafrica.com)

Ethiopia: Newly crowned spokesperson deny any journalist is in jail

Ethiopia’s communication minister and government spokesperson denied the regime had jailed any journalist in the country…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Surgeon jailed in Ethiopia faces new charges

A cardiac surgeon from Sweden already imprisoned in Ethiopia for several years could be changed with additional crimes, reports Swedish Television…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Oslo airport to get new Addis Ababa route

Beginning in March, Ethiopian Airlines will fly passengers from Oslo and Addis Ababa as the first African carrier to offer first direct flight between Norway and the African continent…Read more: (thelokal.no)

Ethiopia: Refugees in border town of Dolo Ado escape drought and insecurity of Somalia

Continuing drought and endless fighting has made life unbearable for many people in Somalia. For those within reach, the Ethiopian border town of Dolo Ado offers safety, food and the healthcare they lack at home…Read more: (msf.org)