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Ethiopië is het land dat, als je het eenmaal hebt bezocht en dus geroken, geproefd en gevoeld hebt, je nooit meer vergeet. Er blijft altijd een vaag verlangen naar.

Leuk dat je mijn weblog bezoekt. Je vindt hier allerlei informatie over het mooie en interessante land Ethiopië. Naast persoonlijke ervaringen zullen feiten, beschrijvingen van bevolking en cultuur, achterliggende geschiedenis en legenden, tips, nieuws en nog veel meer passeren. Kortom, je kunt op een ontspannen manier veel te weten komen over ‘Het land van de verbrande gezichten’.

Een reactie of like kun je kwijt via het wolkje rechtsboven foto/ berichtje!

Veel lees en kijkplezier – Ine Andreoli

Ethiopia news

Ethiopia: Businesses in Addis join strikes

Small businesses and vendors in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa joined the national strike against the recent assessment of taxes by authorities that levies taxes based estimated daily sales. Business owners say their daily sales were overestimated by the assessors, who are mostly regime’s cadres…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Hundreds of thousands stay in Saudi Arabia as deadline for amnesty expires

Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians are still in Saudi Arabia despite the deadline for the Kingdom’s amnesty for undocumented workers expires in four days…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Harar – the Ethiopian city known as ‘Africa’s Mecca’

Night falls in the ancient city of Harar, and I’m witnessing a breathtaking, if not bizarre, exercise…Read more: (bbc.com)


Ethiopia news

New tax law triggers protests in Ethiopia’s Oromia

Thousands of businesses remained closed Thursday in Oromia, Ethiopia’s largest region, as shopkeepers protested against a new tax…Read more: (aa.com)

A Water Weed Is Damaging Ethiopia’s Largest Lake and Putting Livelihoods at Risk

Since 2012, an invasive weed known as the water hyacinth has been subsuming tens of thousands of acreage of the surface of Lake Tana, as well as adjacent wetlands and ranches surrounding the lake…Read more: (globalvoices.org)

Sudan: Hassabo Calls On Authorities to Facilitate Delivery of Ethiopian Goods Via Sudanese Ports

The Vice-President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohammed Abdul Rahman has directed the authorities concerned to facilitate procedures of delivery of the Ethiopian goods through the Sudanese ports…Read more: (allafrica.com)

Skirmishes flare up along Ethio-Eritrean border

ESAT’s sources say there were skirmishes along the Ethiopia-Eritrea border this weekend in a place called Erob, Tigray…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Ethiopia: Anti-tax hike strike spreads to southern regions

Towns and districts in southern Ethiopia have joined the strike by small businesses and vendors in the Oromo region opposing the recent assessment of taxes by authorities which traders say was unfair…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Ethiopia’s Music of Resistance Stays Strong, Despite Repression

In Ethiopia, journalists and bloggers have long been subjected to imprisonment and terrorism charges, but musicians have been relatively free — until recently…Read more: (globalvoices.org)

Ethiopia news

Ethiopia’s troubled Oromia region has been hit with anti-tax protests

A new tax levied by authorities on small businesses and vendors has reportedly led to protests in Ethiopia’s Oromia region with the military and police deployed to bring the situation under control…Read more: (qz.com)

Ethiopia plans to offer firms shares in road projects: finance minister

Ethiopia plans to offer shares in its road-building and maintenance projects to private investors, its finance minister said on Tuesday, the latest step to open up and modernise the state-led economy…Read more: (af.reuters.com)

Ethiopia: Strikes, unrest in multiple cities of Oromia

Strikes and other forms of signs of unrest reported in six cities of Ethiopia’s largest region Oromia in the past five days. The unrest is linked to an increase in the tax liabilities of medium and small size businesses…Read more: (hornaffairs)


Ethiopia news

Ethiopia: City Demolishes 1,980 Houses for Redevelopment

The Addis Ababa City Administration has knocked down 1,980 residential units from the 2,228 houses it planned to demolish in the current fiscal year for redevelopment purposes…Read more: (allafrica.com)

Ethiopia: Addis’ Rivers – Future Tourism Destinations

Do you know that around seven large and up to 76 medium and small rivers flow year long in Addis Ababa?..Read more: (allafrica.com)

Climate change threatens an ancient way of life in Ethiopia

Zeinab Taher once roamed through Ethiopia’s arid Somali region tending a vast herd of 350 sheep, goats and cattle with her nine children…Read more: (washingtonpost.com)

Egypt faces water insecurity as Ethiopian mega-dam starts filling

Farmers along the lower Nile have little information to guide them as upriver barrage threatens to compound the impacts of global warming…Read more: (climatechangenews.com)

Ethiopia: Businesses shut down in protest against high tax assessment

Businesses in several towns in the Oromo region of Ethiopia remained closed in protest against high taxes imposed on small business owners and vendors, which they said were assessed based on estimated sales that do not reflect their real sales…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Egyptian diplomats talks to Ethiopian House Speaker on latter’s Grand Dam 

Egypt’s top diplomat in Addis Ababa talks to Ethiopian House Speaker on issues related to the Grand Dam being built by the latter as recent reports of water filling of the dam has worried Egyptians…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Lucy…Dink nesh

LucyHet 3,2 miljoen jaar oude skelet (40 %) is gevonden in 1974 in de Awash Vallei door paleontoloog Donald Johanson.

Op de avond na de belangrijke vondst zaten Donald en zijn team enthousiast na te praten, ondertussen schalde het lied ‘Lucy, in the Sky with Diamonds’ van de Beatles door het expeditie kamp. Ze besloten om het vrouwtje, van de mensachtige soort Australopithecus afarensis, Lucy te noemen. De Ethiopiërs noemen haar ‘Dink nesh’ …je bent schitterend, wonderlijk, fantastisch!

Lucy wordt bewaard in het Nationaal Museum in Addis Ababa. Het tentoongestelde skelet is een replica. Het origineel is sinds 2013, na een zes jarige reis met tentoonstellingen in Amerika en Mexico, weer op de plek waar het hoort.

Ethiopia news

Ethiopia: Nationwide protest over taxes on small businesses continues

A tax levied by authorities on “estimated sales” on small businesses and vendors has faced with protests, some violent in the Oromo region of Ethiopia… Read more:(ethsat.com)

Ethiopia not in US additional humanitarian assistance to Africa

Ethiopia is not among four countries that are recipients of the United States   $639 million in additional humanitarian assistance to the millions of people affected by food insecurity and violence…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Ethiopia: Chemical pollutants, water hyacinth threatens country’s largest lake

Lake Tana, Ethiopia’s largest lake which is also registered as UNESCO’s world heritage for its centuries old churches and monasteries is threatened by chemical and waste pollutants entering the water from surrounding hotels businesses and even government institutions…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Ethiopia news

The UK Department for International Development announced £90 million of support for family planning in Ethiopia.

The UK, through its Department for International Development today announced its new Family Planning by Choice programme, which will provide £90 million of support for voluntary family planning in Ethiopia over the next four years…Read more: (gov.uk.)

Thousands Flee as Army Marches on South Sudan Rebel Stronghold

A South Sudanese army offensive on a rebel stronghold has forced about 5,000 civilians to seek shelter in neighboring Ethiopia, adding to the world’s fastest-growing refugee crisis, a United Nations official said…Read more: (bloomberg.com)

EU legislators sign letter calling for action against Ethiopia

Thirty-eight Members of the European Parliament wrote a letter to the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs calling for action against the Ethiopian regime in connection with brutal crackdowns and sexual violence…Read more: (ethsat.com)


Ethiopia: Sales tax hike on retailers, businesses spark angry protests

A sharp increase on sales tax levied by the regime on small businesses and vendors is faced with a nationwide protest…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Tensions high in Amhara region on deadly protest anniversary

Reports reaching ESAT from Gondar and Gojam indicate that the regime has deployed massive military in the area in anticipation of protests in the region on the one year anniversary of the death of hundreds of anti-government protesters, especially in the cities of Bahir Dar and Gondar…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Ethiopia news

Ethiopia’s pop star Teddy Afro awaits permit to stage new year’s concert 

Fans of Teddy Afro fear his planned concert on the eve of the Ethiopian new year on September 10 might be scrapped by authorities. The pop star’s concert planned for same time last year had been denied permission by authorities…Read more: (ethsat.com)

Ethiopia’s largest lake threatened by water hyacinth

The ecosystem of Lake Tana, Ethiopia’s largest lake, has been threatened by the spread of water hyacinth, which experts warn could create significant damages to the fish and other aquatic life…Read more: (ethsat.com) 

St.George Church, Addis Ababa

St.JorisDe kerk is gebouwd (1920) op de ruïnes van een oudere kerk uit de 15e eeuw. De kerk is een symbool van de overwinning op de Italianen bij de slag om Adua. In tegenstelling tot vele andere kerken is de St Joriskerk achthoekig. Er bevinden zich in de kerk prachtige muurschilderingen van Afewerk Tekele. Naast de kerk staat een klokkentoren (campanile) waar sinds 1990 een vaste expositie is van kunstschatten van de orthodox Ethiopische Kerk , o.a manuscripten, bijbels, kruisen en meer. 


Zowel Keizerin Zewditu  als  Keizer Haile Selassie werden hier gekroond.


De Holy Trinity Cathedral (Addis Ababa)

TrinicyDe Holy Trinity Cathedral (Kidist Selassie) is in 1941/42 gebouwd om de bevrijding van de Italiaanse bezetting te herdenken. De kerk heeft een hoge positie op de ranglijst van belangrijke plaatsen van aanbidding. Spitse torens en veel beelden verrijken de buitenkant.

Het hoofdaltaar is gewijd aan de Heilige Drie-eenheid. De twee zijaltaren aan Sint Johannes de Doper en Onze Lieve vrouw van barmhartigheid. Een schildering laat de toespraak van keizer Haile Selassie zien die hij hield voor de Volkerenbond tijdens de strijd tegen de Italianen.

Addis 2

Ook zijn de kerkzetels van de keizer en zijn vrouw te bewonderen. Vele glas in lood ramen versieren de kathedraal.

Keizer Haile Selassie en zijn vrouw keizerin Menen Asfaw hebben hun laatste rustplaats gekregen in het noordelijk deel van de kathedraal. Andere leden van de keizerlijke familie zijn begraven in de crypte onder de kerk.

Addis AbabaAbune Tekle Haimanot en Abune Paulos van de Ethiopische Orthodoxe Kerk zijn begraven op het kerkhof. Andere mensen zoals Meles Zenawi en andere prominenten hebben daar ook een plaatsje gekregen.

Het kathedraal complex bestaat uit meerdere gebouwen waaronder o.a. een klooster, een school, een museum, een college en meerdere monumenten.